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Residential Cleaning, Concierge, Caregiver & Pet Sitting Services

Doing more for our clients! We'll give your house a thorough clean, provide full complement residential concierge services, caregiver services, pet sitting & more..

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Rosey's Concierge Services a Clean Home

Backed By Experience, Done with Care & Dedication!

Full Complement Residential Services

We cover a wide range of home concierge needs. We clean, take care of loved ones and animals, take you where you need to go, provide staff for parties and any major functions, house sit when you are away and help you organize your living space(s).

Trustworthy and Dependable

Our team members are trustworthy with years of experience performing residential cleaning, providing personal assistance & caregiver support and working with animals. We conduct background checks and personality profiles on every team member.

Certified and Professional

Each team member is trained and certified to do what we do best, keeping your home clean, taking care of the little details, ensuring your loved ones and pets are safe and taking you wherever you need to go.

Individualized to Suit You

You are an individual with very specific needs. When we consult with you we pair you with the service and/or care provider that best fits your requirements. He/She comes prepared to do the job quickly and thoroughly!

What Our Client's Say

Mr & Mrs Edward W. Helfrick

Senator, Pennsylvania (PA)

We have been Rosey's Clients for over 10 years and give her an AAA+ rating! Rosey is loyal, trustworthy and goes above and beyond the call of duty by assisting us in so many ways at our Florida home. She’s absolutely dependable, accurate, and timely in her work. On a personal note, Rosey has become a close and trusted friend, as well. We highly recommend her services if you want a “job well done”!

Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Charleston

Private Investigator

Rosey has been making our life easier for several years and we are satisfied customers! There are not many people that we trust to enter our home but with Rosey we've never had that issue. She has proven herself to be a reliable, completely dependable and an entirely capable worker. She knows what she is about and she does her job with precision. She has been essential in keeping our home in tip top shape!

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