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Hi, I am Rosey, founder of Rosey's Concierge Services. Sixteen years ago I found my passion cleaning homes & boats, baby sitting and taking care of family pets at Ocean Reef, Key Largo Florida. I found it easy to interact with a diverse set of people and quite often I was and am still told I have a smile that makes others gravitate towards me. I bring to my work consistency and a methodical way of approaching every task I perform. Now, just shy of 2 decades later I am pleased to launch my home management services. I have packaged my methodologies into something I can offer far more clients. Now with a team of like-minded, caregivers, personal-assistants and qualified cleaners I present Rosey's Concierge Services for anyone who needs reliability, individualized residential services and trustworthy professionalism.

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What Our Client's Say

Mr & Mrs Edward W. Helfrick

Senator, Pennsylvania (PA)

We have been Rosey's Clients for over 10 years and give her an AAA+ rating! Rosey is loyal, trustworthy and goes above and beyond the call of duty by assisting us in so many ways at our Florida home. She’s absolutely dependable, accurate, and timely in her work. On a personal note, Rosey has become a close and trusted friend, as well. We highly recommend her services if you want a “job well done”!

Mr. & Mrs. Derrick Charleston

Private Investigator

Rosey has been making our life easier for several years and we are satisfied customers! There are not many people that we trust to enter our home but with Rosey we've never had that issue. She has proven herself to be a reliable, completely dependable and an entirely capable worker. She knows what she is about and she does her job with precision. She has been essential in keeping our home in tip top shape!

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