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Your Home, Vacation and You!

Getting a much needed break is something everyone deserves and looks forward to. Yet, the process of making preparations to leave your home can be a source of anxiety, especially if you have pets or worry that your home will be more vulnerable to intrusion. This is a perfectly normal reaction to have. There are steps you can take to make sure that when you leave for a vacation you also leave that unwanted anxiety behind.

Opt for a House Sitter or Close Friend

Have a friend or trusted house sitter over to monitor your home, this is ideal especially if you have pets. While you can choose to send your pet to another location, your pet will feel most at home in his own surroundings. Getting this additional support is also a great way to ensure you have someone, you can interact with while you are away, who can keep you up to date about all the activities that may be happening at your home.

Time Your Lighting

Don’t leave your lights on as a way to thwart intruders instead get timing devices if you must give the appearance of being home. Timers can be set to turn on during spurts during the night time and are less likely to draw suspicion when your lighting patterns suddenly change for that period.

Don’t Close the Curtains

Leave your curtains the way you normally would when you are there. Closing them tightly may tip off intruders and prevent neighbors from pinpointing any atypical activity. It is best to leave curtains slightly ajar or as you typically would when you are at home.

Stop You Mail or Arrange Pick Ups

Have your friend or Sitter pick up your mail or stop your mail for the period you will be away. Piles of mail in front of you home will be a major indicator that you are away to possible intruders.

Unplug Devices Where Possible

Unplug all unused electrical devices to prevent power surges from destroying your equipment and to save on your energy costs. Clean your fridge and discard excess food or other items that may impact how well air circulates within it. Then keep your thermostat at the lowest setting to conserve on your energy. For larger devices that you wish to leave on ensure that they are connected to a surge protector.

Forgo Social Media Reveals

Keep your plans private and most importantly off social media. While it is tempting to share your next big adventure, perhaps wait until you are back to post all those great photos, or at the very least limit these moments to very close friends until you return home.

Plan Your Budget, Take Some Cash

Before heading out ensure you have enough money on your person to pay for your initial costs, taxis, care rentals, hotels etc. Don’t depend solely on travelers checks or credits cards when you first arrive, a bit of spare cash may come in handy for the unexpected.

Plan Your Return

Keep your keys, license, passport and other valuables essential to your return, safe and ready for use when you have ended the journey. This makes the transition to and fro a quick and painless process.

Get Ready for Fun and Relaxation!

Check out all the possible entertainment venues, online reviews and just about everything you can before making that trip. This ensures you get the full experience during your well deserved sojourn. Most of all enjoy yourself wholeheartedly knowing that your home is secure.

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